Non Toxic Revolution

For a minute now I have ben noticing the Non Toxic Revolution campaign around town. Visually they are powerful with a message just basically warning us of all the harmful toxins that lurk among us,so put that cigarette down and quit shooting up between your toes and spread the word of the Non Toxic Revolution !

Stop it !


One response

  1. Nunya Nun

    While I agree with the NTR message, the purveyors or it are postering all over Berkeley on private property, forcing property owners to spend hours scraping off posters from the walls of their buildings. If you want the word out, fine, but don’t spread it where you don’t have permission! It’s the same as graffiti-ing a bldg. or doing other damage to property. Uncool!

    June 21, 2011 at 6:40 AM

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