HIV 30 Project

So today no toys no style just life ! A month a go or so I was asked to participate in the HIV 30 project.Each artist was given a story and we had to paint from that story,get  inspiration from that struggle. This was a challenge to me I never done anything like this im always painting dead bunnies with my tag. Then I got my story and went to town. Brian Day was a Act Up activist who stood up for what he believed in, do or die! The inspiration I got from his story made me go tribal,urban with a big time Keith Hering influence. This was one of those projects that I was honored to be a part of and cheers to you Brian Day and your courage and strength. If you happened to be in Seattle go down Broadway and check out the work on the red wall. I named my piece ACT UP MR. DAY and if you believe in something Act Up ! Here is some pics and the story from my HIV 30 project to get more stories and pictures clique on image below. Peace and much love !




HIV is… ACT Up and an African American man named Brian Day who organized rallies in Seattle including the protest against Madison Valley residents trying to stop Bailey Boushay from being built. Brian lost his battle with AIDS but left an impact still felt today in scholarships for gay men and women of color thru The

Pride Foundation.

by Tony Radovich

HIV 30


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  1. Regina H

    AWESOME…I like it!

    September 25, 2011 at 5:49 AM

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