Mom, I Ate The Bunny !

Well let me start by saying here on PLASTIC CHEESEBURGER I cover food but not to often the cheeseburger gods have yet to find me, no outstanding burger to blog about. As a person who comes from a culture that when your happy you eat, you are sad you eat, grandma died you eat, so naturally I love food. I have dined with the finest taste and with a low budget tongue. I love fast food but I rarely have it anymore, I love a good home cooked meal but I cant cook so I am always eating out and nothing really impresses me. well last night my partner in crime Erin and I tried a new restaurant  that has ben hyped like so many spots around me. We arrive and are seated with our menus and like every overpriced restaurant on Capitol Hill we have limited choices to choose from so we order. One of our main courses was rabbit and yes mom I ate the bunny! I have had rabbit before but really don’t care for it everyone always runs around saying it taste like chicken well eat chicken then biatch leave thumper alone. Prior before the rabbit we had different little appetizers and a beet salad and some flat ass coke. Then we ended with really sweet desserts and when I say sweet I mean baby I got diabetes from the first bite! Overall I enjoyed the meal but from the sounds of it you would think it sucked. It was good but overrated and when we got the bill it just proved my point all this high end foods and restaurants are like drugs when you try them for the first time, they disappoint. Trust me  I will continue to try these restaurants in hopes that one day they will prove me wrong and justify a 200-300 dollar meal for  2 . See through the matrix baby !

MMMM beets


Insulin Time


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