2012 -Damn Already !

Can you believe its going to be 2012? Well bring on the new year, 2011  was great but it was a year of change. Change is good but at the time you cant accept it or don’t want it when it comes. This new year 2012 is the year of going for it ! You have to go for it we are all going to explode or melt next year thanks to the Mayan calendar so you better do it and live everyday next year like its your last ! Also be true to yourself and others. We live in a world of disrespect. Respect one another and don’t forget to share that cake baby you are not the only one who breathes ! Last have a great safe New Years! Don’t act like an idiot just cuz you cant handle your liquor and say goodbye to the old you and hello to the new you. Happy New Year Peace !



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